...where light and life TANGO....

...As featured in The Kansas City Star, Mill Valley Patch and Spaces Magazine...

Please visit our new boutique in Mill Valley, California, located at 401 F  Miller Avenue...we'll leave a light on just for you!

Greetings friends!  We're in the process of updating our website to represent our new storefront in Mill Valley, CA -- In the meantime, feel free to visit us on Facebook/ The Revelation Companies.  Business is booming and the future looks bright indeed!  

Thank you Brimfield, MA Art and Antiques patrons for your support!  We truly appreciate your business, enthusiasm and kind words of support -- we are at your service and excited to share the Revelation Companies with you! That said...

Welcome to The Revelation Companies' website!  Revelation is founded on the basis of a sustainable and "green" concept -- the creation of functional and unique art pieces, comprised primarily of vintage and antique components.  While the big box stores dynamically involve themselves in mass-marketing and cheapening cutting edge design, we're running flat-out in the opposite direction.  : )  

Visit the "BUY NOW" section for the most recent creations...galleries are still under construction.  Dealer/Designer pricing is available upon request and with verification.

The Revelation Companies are dedicated to the creation of practical, yet enduring, functional art.  We applaud good design wherever it pops up -- but in our opinion, eye-candy is just a starting point.  Our pieces come replete with a life story...a visual and physical harkening back to a time when words like integrity, quality and durability were synonymous with "Made in America." 

In other words, to those of you who would rather own an original artwork than a print, rather attend the concert than listen to the MP4, rather use 100% pure maple syrup than Aunt Jemima; we say, "WELCOME HOME!"  

Bookmark this page and check back frequently.  We will be actively updating our content, online store (Buy Now page) and BLOG...We are collaborating with top designers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kansas City and beyond to provide lighting solutions for both commercial and residential applications.  We also invite you to fill in a Contact form to receive newsletters and updates from this site.  Your basic contact information will NEVER be disclosed to a third party.  If you choose, you may also email us directly for inquiries -- we look forward to working with you.

We refurbish, we re-imagine, we create, we inspire...we are The Revelation Companies.

Thank you for visiting!  Let the REVELATION begin!

Robert A. Clink, Designer/Owner